A Movement Practice for the Modern Day Warrior Goddess

~a.k.a. YOU~

The body is holy, it is the sacred container of our eternal essence. We must care for it, and listen deeply to it’s wisdom. -Lizzy Zima

An Invitation to Embody Your Deepest Gifts

You have been encoded with divine gifts that you are here to cultivate and share with the world. At the heart of this practice is sincere commitment to embody our full potential, in service to all of humanity.  We cultivate our masculine & feminine, our strength & our surrender, in the name of embodying wholeness, actualizing our capacities, and being who we came here to be.

Rising Together in Sisterhood

We are transforming the old narrative of women in competition and comparison with one another. We need each other.  We are allies and divine reflections for one another.  We heal and become fortified in one another’s presence.  Even though we are each on individual journeys of awakening…we were never meant to take this journey alone.  In this class we reclaim our connection to a tribe of Wholehearted Women.

Accessing the Power of our Core

Harnessing the power of our core is the foundation of the movement practice we will explore together. We will get stronger from the inside out ( as well as the outside in) and cultivate a mind/body connection to the most powerful part of our bodies.. our CORE.

Wholehearted Fitness is an Intimate Fitness and Transformational Group Experience. Each Class Explores a Different Theme to Support you in Stepping into the most Empowered Version of Yourself. The Movement Practice Blends Intuitive Flow, Dance, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates-style Core, Tribe & Guided Meditation…All set to an epic musical journey.



Let’s DO this. Together.

8 Session Series. Feb 27-March 22 Tribe Pole & Dance W. AVL

In addition to sending this payment. Please email lizzy@loveyourlifebefit.com to confirm your enrollment.

Full Payment of $150.00

8 Session Series. Feb 27-Mar 22 Tribe Pole & Dance W. AVL

In addition to sending this payment. Please email lizzy@loveyourlifebefit.com to confirm your enrollment.

3 Monthly Payments of $50.00

3 Principle Practices of the Wholehearted Journey

1. Self Presence. Self Love. 

Slowing Down, Feeling, Noticing, Cultivating Self-Compassion, Shining the Love within our Heart, as it connects to the love (feminine principle) of the Universe & the Light of our Consciousness, as it connects to the consciousness (masculine principle) of the universe.

Through our Love & our Presence…We heal old hurt and trauma and outdated stories of unworthiness.  We LOVE and welcome in the medicine of all our past experiences, all of our experiences & all of our shadow. So we can cultivate wholeness and gain access to the full spectrum of our medicine.

2. Embodying Sacred Union.

Synergizing our Inner Divine Masculine and Inner Divine Feminine energies, so that we can activate the hologram of our Divine blueprint and access our full potential.  Cultivating Sacred Union within our bodies & beings; and in the world.

Through strength training we awaken to our Masculine Mastery: Being on our Mission. Being Connected to our Truth.  We strengthen our Will, Focus, Boundaries, Commitment & Structure… and we open to GIVING TO LIFE, FULLY.

Through Dance, Breathe, Opening the Heart and Body & Awakening our Sexual Energy centers we awaken to our Feminine Mastery.  Flowering open in the energy of Surrender, Allowance, Receptivity , Pleasure & Letting go into the Flow.. as we open to RECEIVE LIFE, FULLY.

3.  Plugging In to the Universe.

Through the power of Prayer & Awakening our Sexual Life Force Energy, we plug ourselves in, to the Omnipotence of this Divine Intelligence.. to live THROUGH us & AS us.  As we Awaken our sexual organs (a.k.a. ‘our Divine Transmitters of Universal Life Force Energy’), we open to our pleasure, our innocence, our power…feeling connected to All of Life.  Wholeheartedly engaging in this Dance of Life, and Giving and Receiving, Fully.

Wholehearted Themes