Timeless Wisdom on Trusting EVERY Step of the Journey


This video makes me want to high five a sister so hard. Oprah has brought so much wisdom to the world through her own teaching as well as the countless masters that she brings on her show. In this video she preaches the value of trusting yourself and every step of your journey, knowing that even the seeming ‘failures’ are worthwhile, in that they redirect you in the right direction and bring many teaching with them. The more we can stay connected to our truth, our heart, our higher Self, the more we can be at ease with ourselves and know that we are walking our path in a good way. We don’t have to get all flustered when we get realize that we’ve taken a detour from our highest path, instead we can relax into the perfectness of our path, harvest the lessons the journey has brought to you, and move forward with even more tenacity. Oprah, you go girl!

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