The Dance of the Masculine & Feminine

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The Dance of the Masculine and Feminine


As visionary women in 2013, we find ourselves juggling many roles. Women are now managing the finances, making the plans, and taking control of the direction of their lives and relationships. We are having babies, generating income, doing housework, assuring the health and vitality of our families, giving our gifts within the greater community and trying to save the world.

While these are all very noble duties, meeting the demands of these roles has required us to step out of our natural feminine essence and embody more and more masculine energy. Masculine energy has the qualities of directness, control, purpose, and doing, while feminine energy has the quality of surrender, trust, sensuality and being. We each embody both masculine and feminine energies although we have one dominant energy that is more our true essence. For most women, femininity is our true essence, and for most men, masculinity is their true essence, although many women have developed masculine shells in order to build their careers, generate income, and manage their families and households.

A relationship functions like it’s its own organism in that it will strive to create balance and homeostasis to ensure its survival. If one partner is embodying their masculine essence, the other partner will subconsciously begin to embody feminine energy to create polarity, attraction, ease, and balance within the relationship. Like batteries, a relationship needs both a positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) pole to generate electricity and create attraction. So when we, as women, are embodying more masculine energy, we will notice that our men begin to embody more feminine energy, and vice verse.

When I look around in conscious communities, I notice many women are having the same complaint within their relationships. They fell in love with their partners because they were sensitive, emotionally responsible, spiritual, creative, and in the flow. They were everything their emotionally unavailable dad’s were not; they were comfortable in their feminine essence. As time has passed they have realized that their own feminine essence has been compromised, and they are experiencing pain at the very core of their being, because most of the roles that they now find themselves in are not an expression of their true feminine essence of flow, creativity, trust, and surrender. At the same time I see many men in pain at the core of their being because they are not fully embodying the direction of their life purpose and are not expressing their gifts to the magnitude they know they are capable of. It seems that in effort to be different than those that came before, we have lost connection to our inner most essences as men and women.

So how can we reclaim our femininity and call our men into their masculinity?

As feminine women, we are naturally sensual and earthy creatures. When we are fully present and deeply at home in our bodies and on the earth, we align with our highest calling and become radiant and magnetic forces of support and blessing to those around us. When we look within, we see that our truest longings are for love, intimacy, creativity and self-expression, and making a meaningful contribution to the next seven generations. When we align our lives and our days with manifesting these attributes in our lives, we experience the true fulfillment of our soul’s purpose.

As we take responsibility for our own fulfillment, we take back our power. As we choose to embody our femininity fully, our partners will naturally embody more masculinity to maintain the polarity of the relationship, and our nurturing and empowering feminine presence will actually inspire our men to rise into their true masculine essence, and catalyze the evolution of their purpose, and leadership.

I believe that we will see major shifts in the collective consciousness, when we each align with our true purpose for being here; and that the greatest way for us to ‘save the world’ is to embody our deepest essence, and to support others in doing the same. When we all eventually make this choice, the hologram of human potential will be activated and anything will be possible.

Please take what resonates as truth for YOU and leave what does not. Thank you.

Lizzy Zima


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