Sisters, It’s time to Shine


You, my sisters, have a deep and beautiful Gift that you have been given by God.

When you claim that Gift and commit to wholeheartedly Giving it to the World…your whole life begins to Blossom.

Your work, your relationships, your home, your finances, your physical health and body image.. everything will gradually move into highest alignment and you will become more fulfilled than you could ever imagine.

The best part is you don’t have to struggle to fix your ‘issues’…. peace, fulfillment, health, wellbeing, abundance.. these come naturally as part of the divine compensation for bringing through the Gifts that you have been put here on Earth to bring through.

The real work lies in beginning to see ourselves through Creators eyes. to know ourselves as pure, holy children of God. To know our worth and our value.

Existing within our current paradigm can be likened to Unworthiness training. We are taught every step of the way, by society and the media that we are not enough.  We are trained to compare ourselves to others and to downplay our brilliance.

Unplugging from this current unworthiness predicament takes some honest dedication.  In a world that is working day and night to believe that we need to buy a product in order to be good enough.. it is up to US to surround ourselves with positive messages that support us in remembering that we are ENOUGH.

Be vigilant about what you let into your life. What music you listen to, the media you watch, the company you keep.  Be the guardian protector of your inner world. Refuse to believe self critical thoughts.  Every time you catch yourself speaking unkindly to yourself, and believing in the lies that society has fed you. Pause, feel the sacredness of your being and reaffirm your worthiness.

This is a practice.

Keep stepping through the veil of self doubt..and into your community to shine your God given gifts.  The more we are in action around sharing ourselves, the less power this old voice has over us.

Keep showing up and shining your Gifts. Whatever they may be.

It’s so easy to lose sight of what our Gifts and Strengths are, because we experience them everyday.  But the truth is, that there are many aspects of who you are that other people don’t have. 

If you don’t know what your Gifts are. Stay Open and Curious about how you may support others just by being who you are and doing what comes naturally to you.

Giving your Gift is like plugging yourself in to God~Universal Life Force Energy. 

Our deepest longing is to be FILLED up.. and we may chase this feeling through food, drugs, sex.. but the most deeply nourishing feeling of being FILLED up.. comes from our connection to LIFE. and that happens when we Open our Channel and Give our Gift.

Fulfillment, Peace, Joy, Abundance is the natural outcome of giving our Gift.  We are divinely compensated by bringing through that which we were born to bring through.

As each of us begin to do this… we Awaken the hearts of Humanity.  we Heal the World.

~It my great JOY and HONOR to support you in your journey to owning your absolute WORTH, RADIANCE, and BOUNTY.

I love seeing my sisters SHINE, in Service to our Beloved People and Planet.

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