Own Your Worthiness, NOW.

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Own Your Worthiness Now.  A Call to Action.

I believe that the foundation of all neurosis (fear of shining and being our authentic/radiant selves, allowing poor treatment from others, self-sabotage, control, resentment, comparison, shame, emotional care-taking, numbing our feelings, addiction, depression, eating disorders.)… all boil down to the underlying belief that we are not worthy of love, that we are not enough, that we need to do or be something other than what we are right now.. in order to be worthy of attention, love, respect, belonging, and sharing our gifts in the world.

Many of us grew in the wombs of and were raised by HUMANS who did not fully inhabit their power. We live in a culture that works day and night to teach us we are not enough, that we need to buy products, and look and be different, in order to prove our value.  Many unconscious beliefs and patterns have been passed on to us, through our lineage and through our collective consciousness.  May we hold our mothers/fathers with compassion and gratitude, knowing that that did the very best they could (shit, parenting is so fucking complicated and challenging), AND may we declare right here and now, that these patterns stop with us.  We have the profound opportunity and responsibility to transform this fundamental belief about ourselves.. so that we may literally upgrade our DNA so that future generations have the solid instilled belief that THEY ARE ENOUGH, that THEY ARE INHERENTLY WORTHY OF LOVE.

When we are living, loving, leading, creating, parenting from THIS place.. EVERYTHING CHANGES!!!!  How can we expect our children to LOVE themselves, if we don’t?! If we want to change the world, we have to shift this core relationship to ourselves FIRST.  We MUST deepen our connection to our PURE, INNOCENT, WISE, ETERNAL nature and in the knowing of ourselves as worthy of love, NOW.  Only then will we be able to fully bring through the gifts that we have each been bestowed with to support in the healing of our precious planet and all her species. 

What if SELF-LOVE was the key to realizing and embodying Oneness?  The deeper you dive into loving yourself, the more you will know yourself as connected to ALL of LIFE and the Universal Life Force Energy that connects us ALL, you become WHOLE.  When we each realize we are all connected… Maybe we will stop hurting ourselves, each other, and our beloved home.

Don’t spend another day speaking and acting hurtfully towards yourself, making yourself wrong, or trying to be something besides the miraculous human being and SOUL that you already are.  Honor yourself by cultivating at least one trustworthy and safe friendship; a place where you can start to reveal the fullness of your perfectly imperfect, authentic, human self and be supported in rising into your masterful and majestic Soulful Self.  Love, Connection, Belonging.. these are some of our most fundamental needs as humans.  We only allow that in when we believe we are WORTHY, and we are courageous enough to reveal our FULL selves to one another.

We need YOU! We need your gifts, and we all need each other! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK WE CAN DO RIGHT NOW.  Make it your daily practice to anchor in your own WORTHINESS an to build authentic connection with others.  We must do this, together, and paradoxically we each have to uncover our own sense of worthiness in order for our multi-dimensional gifts to unlock the hologram of our collective human potential.  Who’s with me?

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