We are living in unprecedented times when our brains are bombarded with constant stimuli, and depression and anxiety are at an all time high.  

We need presence, focus, and meditation more than ever before.. and in our increasingly busy lives, these practices become less and less realistic & sustainable.  

What if we could meditate while we worked out?

What if our strength training became our meditation practice as well?  

I am so excited to share with you a four step process to integrate your mind and your body into a weight training routine that will transform your body and cultivate inner strength, and support you in achieving the results you desire through increased self esteem, focus and consistency.  

Integrating mindfulness with strength training  creates a workout that provides optimal results in your mind, body, & spirit.  

Find out how in this free 45 min online video class.

What the Class Covers:

  • The benefits of meditation

  • How to cultivate fulfillment in your life

  • The benefits of strength training

  • How to cultivate sustainability & consistency in your exercise program

  • 4 Step Process to Bring Intention & Mindfulness into your workout

Who is this class for:

  • Mindfulness Practitioners who want to build strength

  • Weight Trainers who want more happiness in life

  • Yogis, runners, swimmers & athletes of all kind

  • People who are serious about wanting to achieve their goals & be happy along the way

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