Deep Core Stability is the foundation of a strong and healthy life.  

When we are strong & stable in our core, we move safely from our center with ease, grace, and efficiency.  

This is the wisdom of the dancers and the martial artists, but we all need this wisdom in our bodies, whether we are yogis, weight trainers, or anywhere in between.

We use these techniques while we train so that our bodies learn to move organically from the core, whether we are doing a squat or emptying the dishwasher.  

If you just had a baby, are already suffering from chronic pain, or just want to slim your waistline and learn the tricks of the trade on how to work smarter, not harder.. and get the results you are after, this class is a MUST HAVE, for every BODY!

What the class covers:

  • Why Deep Core Stability is so extremely important for everyone

  • A complete overview of the anatomy of the Abs & Core

  • How to build strength from the inside out.

  • Keys to rebuilding your core after childbirth

  • How to train effectively & efficiently

  • Which Core Exercises to do & NOT to do

  • Safe Core Strengthening for Back Pain

Who the class is for:

  • Absolutely Everyone

  • Pregnant Women

  • Postpartum Moms

  • People with Back Pain

  • People with Incontinence

  • People with Chronic Pain

  • Yogis & Body Builders

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