Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

Using EFTto move throughChallenges

EFT is a tool that we can use when we encounter a negative emotion, such as fear, shame, blame, judgement, anger. We can also use EFT when pain or discomfort arises in the body or when we are hooked by a thought or a food craving.  It’s such a potent tool to have in your back pocket throughout life.

EFT combines the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and acupressure with modern day psychology.  It involves percussive tapping on meridian points on the body that send clearing energy throughout your bodies energetic super highways.

Tapping interrupts the fear response in your brain, when you think about somethings and tap, your brain gets restructured and you break up previous neural pathways and create new ones.  We can actually tap to remove limiting beliefs then tap, and tap again to instill new beliefs.

The only way out is through. We MUST feel the emotion completely in order to effectively move beyond it (rather than stuffing/numbing/bypassing).  This is our starting point, tapping on negative emotions.

Subconscious beliefs are expressed through emotions.  Once we discover and can name the subconscious belief, it’s no longer sub-conscious.  Subconscious beliefs are always have more power over us than conscious beliefs. That’s why it’s so important to have your subconscious beliefs supporting your success.

We can either bring subconscious beliefs into the conscious mind by examining the emotions and thoughts behind them, and tap on conscious beliefs, OR, you can tap on the negative emotion even if you don’t know the belief that causing it.

Before we start, we measure from 1-10 how strong that emotion is right now when you tune into the situation that’s bringing it up for you.  This is our tool for tracking our progress.

Remember that if the set up statement, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” does not feel true for you, you can substitute it for something like:

“I choose to love and accept myself”

“ I am open to love and accept myself”

“I would like to love and accept myself”

“I want to find a way to love and accept myself”

**Often there will be layers or aspects within each upset, you need to get specific with your tapping and tap for each aspect separately.  (Tap for each story/proof for the evidence of your underlying belief.)

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