Deep Core Workout

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I am so excited to share this deep core workout with you! This video highlights some of my all-time favorite exercises to train the deep core muscles… especially transverse abdominis & the pelvic floor!! These exercises will support you in building core strength from the inside out, help stabilize your low back/lumbar spine and did I mention, slim your waistline?!

In the video I use a small playball but a foam roller could work as well and if you don’t have either, you could use a pillow between the knees, and go without anything under your sacrum.

I highly recommend that you download my FREE 45 Deep Core Class to understand the pilates-based principles used in this video and get the maximum results from this workout.

Enjoy this workout, and let me know what you think by commenting below!

Here is a link to the playlist I’m listening to:

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