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Yoga Block Core Workout

This is one of my all time favorite ways to work the core...all with this unassuming simple piece of equipment.. A YOGA BLOCK.  Try these moves before your yoga practice, or weight training to fire up for your deep core muscles so that you…
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Soulful Yoga Flow & Meditation

How we start our day makes such an impact on how our day unfolds. I encourage you to try this 20 min yoga practice and short meditation to align yourself with your inner light, release stagnant energy, open and lengthen your body, and connect…

7 Min Loop Band Workout

Get your Ab workout for the day in this 7 minute loop band workout video. I love loop bands because they are cheap and they travel easily. You can pick one up for under $5 and using with for abs can seriously help target those deep interior…
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Upper Body Rolling to Relieve Tension & Increase Flexibility

Enjoy this Self Massage sequence using a pinky ball, and a yoga block.  Working with this tools you can improve the fluidity of your fascia, which is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds all of the muscles in the body. Without…
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Lower Body Rolling to Relieve Tightness & Increase Flexibility

Enjoy this Self Massage sequence using a foam roller, a pinky ball, and a small high bounce ball.  Working with this tools you can improve the fluidity of your fascia, which is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds all of the…
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Light Weights Workout

In this workout we will use light weight dumb bells (2-3 lbs) to get an awesome workout. This is one of my favorite styles of workout, to create long and lean muscles and a super tight core. It's all standing but we will work alot of core as…
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Body Weight Workout

This workout is short but effective, training your total body, using just your body weight. That's right, no equipment is necessary to create an effective workout. Try it out and let me know what you think!!   Here is the full playlist…
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Deep Core Workout

I am so excited to share this deep core workout with you! This video highlights some of my all-time favorite exercises to train the deep core muscles... especially transverse abdominis & the pelvic floor!! These exercises will support you…
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Stretching Sequence

Learn this stretching sequence and complete it after each workout, to quickly stretch and lengthen your entire body.  I also recommend doing this sequence or something similar on your days off as well. We want to be as flexible as we are strong,…
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Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Check out this total body resistance band workout. It's 22 minutes, includes a warm-up and works everything. Follow this workout with the Stretching Sequence workout for a complete program!!! These moves should work for everyone but if there…