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The 5 Key Ingredients to Creating a Conscious Relationship.

The 5 Key Ingredients to Creating a Conscious Relationship. A conscious relationship is one that uses the container of relationship to access both individual’s capacity for personal wholeness, fulfillment, and evolution. Simply put:  Conscious…

Brene Brown on Midlife

Midlife is not a crisis. Midlife is an unraveling. By definition, you can’t control or manage an unraveling. You can’t cure the midlife unraveling with control any more than the acquisitions, accomplishments, and alpha-parenting…
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Light Weights Workout

In this workout we will use light weight dumb bells (2-3 lbs) to get an awesome workout. This is one of my favorite styles of workout, to create long and lean muscles and a super tight core. It's all standing but we will work alot of core as…
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Body Weight Workout

This workout is short but effective, training your total body, using just your body weight. That's right, no equipment is necessary to create an effective workout. Try it out and let me know what you think!!   Here is the full playlist…
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Advice for Loving Your Life

I thought you all might enjoy this short and sweet video with tips on how you love your life ;)  
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Deep Core Workout

I am so excited to share this deep core workout with you! This video highlights some of my all-time favorite exercises to train the deep core muscles... especially transverse abdominis & the pelvic floor!! These exercises will support you…
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Stretching Sequence

Learn this stretching sequence and complete it after each workout, to quickly stretch and lengthen your entire body.  I also recommend doing this sequence or something similar on your days off as well. We want to be as flexible as we are strong,…
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Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Check out this total body resistance band workout. It's 22 minutes, includes a warm-up and works everything. Follow this workout with the Stretching Sequence workout for a complete program!!! These moves should work for everyone but if there…
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Owning Our Life Stories

When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending. I know this is true. I may have learned it as a researcher but I live this truth as a daughter, a partner, a leader, a sister, a mother,…

Timeless Wisdom on Trusting EVERY Step of the Journey

This video makes me want to high five a sister so hard. Oprah has brought so much wisdom to the world through her own teaching as well as the countless masters that she brings on her show. In this video she preaches the value of trusting yourself…