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Sisters, It’s time to Shine

You, my sisters, have a deep and beautiful Gift that you have been given by God. When you claim that Gift and commit to wholeheartedly Giving it to the World…your whole life begins to Blossom. Your work, your relationships, your home, your finances, your physical health and body image.. everything will gradually move into highest […]

Own Your Worthiness, NOW.

Own Your Worthiness Now.  A Call to Action. I believe that the foundation of all neurosis (fear of shining and being our authentic/radiant selves, allowing poor treatment from others, self-sabotage, control, resentment, comparison, shame, emotional care-taking, numbing our feelings, addiction, depression, eating disorders.)… all boil down to the underlying belief that we are not worthy […]

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Yoga Block Core Workout

This is one of my all time favorite ways to work the core…all with this unassuming simple piece of equipment.. A YOGA BLOCK.  Try these moves before your yoga practice, or weight training to fire up for your deep core muscles so that you can be more aware of moving from your core during your […]

Step Into Your Power by Owning Your Story

‘You either walk into your story and own your truth, or you live outside of your story, hustling for your worthiness’ -Brene Brown. I grew up with a stressed-out, overworked, single mom and 2 siblings. I did everything I could to relieve my Mom’s stress and to try to keep her from freaking out. I […]

Guided Relaxation

We are so overstimulated in in our culture. At a time on the planet when stress is at it’s all time high, it’s super important to claim a few moments for yourself every single day.  Closing your eyes and connecting to your breath is the simplest and most effective way to relax your nervous system […]


7 Min Loop Band Workout

Get your Ab workout for the day in this 7 minute loop band workout video. I love loop bands because they are cheap and they travel easily. You can pick one up for under $5 and using with for abs can seriously help target those deep interior ab muscles, travserse abdominus. Try it out and […]

Understanding & Overcoming Perfectionism

“Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system that field this primary thought: If I look, live, and do everything perfectly, I am avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame judgement and blame” (Brene Brown). For perfectionists, it’s not about striving to be your best by your standards, but about succeeding in other’s eyes […]